Project coordonator

SOFTWIN is based in Bucharest and was set up and developed exclusively funded with domestic capital. The Group has permanently enhanced its competences, through its outstanding ability for innovation, leading to the creation of an entire range of IT solutions and services: Software development (1990), E-content Solutions (1993), Data Security Solutions (1997), eLearning Solutions (1998), Contact Centers (2000), Helpdesk Services (2001), Business Consulting and Management based on IT Solutions (2002) and Solution Integration (2004).

Softwin means a strong team of 500 IT specialists who create and develop the in-house solutions and products that have made Softwin what it is today.

We have more than 200 corporate customers in the USA and in Europe, most of whom appear in the Fortune 500 top.

SOFTWIN is the only private company in Eastern Europe, which has ever received the IST European award, which is also considered to be the 'IT Oscar' for innovation. This award is granted by the European Commission and by 18 National Academies and it rewarded the technology and market potential of BitDefender in 2003.

Name and SurnameRole in Project
Adrian DinescuProject Executive
Ştefan Stelian DiaconescuTehnical leader
Sorin RusuProject manager
Elena VărzaruAccount Manager
Eusebiu MarcuAnalyst Developer
Project managerAnalyst Developer
Bogdan BucşeAnalyst Developer
Laurenţiu ŞoicaAnalyst Developer
Gheorghi StancovAnalyst Developer
Cristian George VasilescuMain researcher


Parteners in program:

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology

Faculty of Electronics,Telecommunication and Information Technology has been founded in 1953 as a branch of University Politehnica of Bucharest and has the following majos fields of study: Applied Electronics, Communications, Microelectronics, Physics Engineering, Economical Engineering for electronics and communications.

The major research areas of the academic staff are,. as follow: Information Theory, Electronic Instrumentation and Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Computing Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Speech Technology, Optoelectronics, VLSI Circuits and Systems, Semiconductor Device Advanced Modeling and Simulation, Microsystems, Microprocessors and Microcomputers, Data Transmission Networks, Microwave and Optical Communications, Mobile and Satellite Communications, Quality and Reliability Assurance, Superconductivity and Superconductors, Physics and Engineering of Lasers, Liquid Crystals, Holography. The Faculty of Electronics,Telecommunication and Information Technology collaborates with universities like National Institute of telecomunication, Paris or Federal Polytechnic Institute of Lausanne, and all domains for bachelor’s degree are world wide recognised.

Name and SurnameRole in project developmentAcademic degree
Corneliu BurileanuProject Manager UPB - ETTIProf. Dr.
Dragos BurileanuResearcherProf. Dr.
Vladimir PopescuResearcherAsistent ing.

Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers

The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers is a department of the “Politechnica” University of Bucharest and has day courses with the duration of four years in the field of Computers Science and Information Technology and The Engineering of the Automated Systems, respectively.

Our faculty also has postuniversitary studies programs - Master Studies and PhD for more specializations thus giving the students the opportunity to further the knowledge acquired in the four years of studies.

The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers has three departments: Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, Automatic Control and Industrial Informatics and Computer Science.

The didactic activity takes place in amphitheatres, lecture rooms and laboratories equipped with modern infrastructure and up-to-date and computation systems.

The scientific research is directed towards projects and national and international programs for strategic fields such as Advanced Automatics, Modern Informatic Technologies, Computer Science and Engineering and Calculation and Programming Architectures.

This faculty's students have many opportunities to distinguish themselves. They are have free access to the faculty's resources and to the Internet and due to the additional courses held in our faculty they can obtain specialization certificates. The students who have very good results can participate at national and international contests and are offered trainings at prestigious European universities.

Insitute of Mathemetics "SIMION STOILOW" of the Romanian Academy

Insitute of Mathemetics "SIMION STOILOW" of the Romanian Academy (IMRA) was created in 1949 as a Research Institute under Romanian Academy. From the begining, IMRA was the most representative and active center of the romanian research, having special links, with the mathemathical activity all over the world. IMRA is organized in 8 groups, each one having diffrent thematics, each one being formed from a variabile number of research colectives organized on specific problems, some of them with over 30 years of activity while they've earned remarkable prestige. Each reasearch group has in its activity orbit a number of young researchers, some of them post-graduates and last-year students. Each group has a number of colaborations with other university centres and research centers from Romania and other countries.

Name and SurnameRole in project developmentAcademic degree
Dorin PopescuProject Manager IMARProf. Dr.
Vasile BrinzanescuResearcherProf. Dr.
Nicolae ConstantinescuSpecialistLector Dr.
Gherghe CatalinSpecialistConf. Dr.

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