The SISEB project plans the research and development of a security system for electronic banking transactions, biometrically secured using dynamic signature. The SISEB system has two basic components:

  • a hardware pen device that acquires the handwritten signature dynamically (as signals or time-based series from the acceleration measured by the embedded spatially-positioned MEMS sensors) and the corresponding software technologies for the acquisition, matching and authentication of the signature
  • the other component falls in the framework of information security, composed of an Application Programming Interface (API) for securing electronic payments and banking transaction. Preliminary technical and economical feasibility surveys underline the opportunity for this system, both as a target research and development area and as a future commercial target application. 

     The basic functions covered by the SISEB project are the components of an application programming interface that support a large number of interfaces that can be used to develop specific e-banking applications. The project aims to develop an experimental model – an electronic commerce application – to demonstrate the functionality of the proposed system that combines on-line authentication with the biometric authentication core.

General objectives

      The general objective of the SISEB project is to create highly evolved technologies for securing the access to banking information and transactions, that prevent frauds and unauthorized information use.

Specific objectives

  • Study and design of the mathematical model, cryptographic algorithms and mathematical proof of the intractability of the functions used to ensure the confidentiality of the communication between the client, the bank and the service provider (triple-party algorithm); Implementation of the complete authentication system, session key generation, key management, data encryption and decryption and a compared cryptographic analysis for the system
  • The development of the procedures to secure access to banking information and transactions, based on non-intrusive biometric modalities
  • API - Application Programming Interface – development that can be used in applications that secure access to information systems
  • Application development based on biometric modalities which, using corresponding API, can be integrated with specific core-banking environments.


Self built grid


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