Project objective:

The objective of SEGD (Syntax English Grammar Description) project is the design of a structured model for the description of the English grammar, based on generative dependency grammars (GDG). This model is exploited by software applications in order to identify correct as well as (recognizable) incorrect phrasal structures in English. The erroneous structures are signaled by error messages in order to help users apply correct grammar in English texts.


In order to ensure that the set of syntax rules are successfully applied by the technologies of learning and verification of documents, there is a need for high accuracy of data, which is also very important for users. Consequently, in order to facilitate the detection of correct structures and to provide accurate correction suggestions, the data need to comply with a recognized standard for English and to cover a broad set of errors to be recognized and reported (frequent or specific).

It is, therefore, necessary that the service be designed by a team of linguistic experts, with advanced knowledge of standard English language and with a good capacity of structuring the natural language by using the tools specific to computational linguistics.  Their teaching experience also guarantees a good knowledge of the most efficient learning methods and of the most frequent errors in writing.

Service description:

The service rendered by the provider, the University of Bucharest - Faculty of Foreign Languages implies the structuring of the grammatical rules of English, in agreement with an internal standard supplied by the beneficiary, and it includes the following tasks:

  • Study of the formalism employed by the beneficiary in order to describe the syntactic rules and familiarization with the tools that are used for the design and verification of the English grammar.
  • Description of an inventory of the basic syntactic structures for English (informal synthesis).
  • Formal description of the inventory of syntactic structures by applying a compilable meta-language provided by the beneficiary.

This project was realized through CNDI – UEFISCDI, project number PN-II-IN-CI-2012-1-0366 (PN II Project, Innovation Program, Innovation Cheques).

The project started on 11/01/2013 and lasted for 6 months, having a total value of 50,000 RON.


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