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Automated system of autfhenticating through biometric signature

 „Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

Project description

The ATHOS Project  describes a generalized system of biometrical authentication, by holograph signature, applicable in all fields where the user identification is necessary. As the signature has been, for hundreds of years, an authentication means approved by all cultures and civilizations, the research in the field of non-intrusive authentication based on bio-kinetic print of the human signature is an alternative and complementary starting point for the development of the informational authentication technologies.

The general objective of the ATHOS project is the inclusion of the signature-based authentication procedure, to increase the security degree of online authentication, as well as the reduction of the implementation time allotted to execute the authentication system by the developers for this type of solution, providing a unique, non-intrusive service and software components that are easily integrated, meant to connect to the new service.

Specific objectives

  • The integration as authentication device, of a hardware device, an intelligent pen capturing the hand's natural movements of a person who is signing. This pen is the result of the host institution's (SOFTWIN) research in the biometrics field, and the ATHOS project, is one of the solutions for releasing it on the market with success chances. The use of this device would eliminate many of the classic attacks.
  • Defining a system that will comply with the SoA and SaaS principles, using a grid/cluster type architecture, having the purpose of performing the user's authentication per-say, and to warrant an answer to a high number of requests.
  • Elaborating some new encryption algorithms in order to provide the communication security between the entities of the entire system and the development of new identification algorithms specialized for the broader context of the project (i.e. biometric data associated to signatures).
  • Building a Software Development Kit (SDK), for the solution developers, that will minimize the development time of the authentication modules intended to be integrated in the system defined at the previous point.
  • Follow-up and integration of the "green-computing" concept in the performed system. This concept means the efficiency maximization of using calculation and energy resources.

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